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Subject: Re: Tasciovanus/Teuhant
Date: 5 Feb 1999 18:04:43 -0800

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<< Say that there was an original
describing Emerita as daughter of Coel and heiress to the kingdom of
Tasciovanus. HRB got a hold of it and used it to fill the unsightly gap
between Arviragus and Lucius (cf. also Coel son of Cyllin in the Iolo
MSS). Conflation of this with the stories of Macsen's wife Elen and
Constantius's wife Elen may also have given rise to the statement that
Coel gave his daughter to Constantius. >>

Could you please explain this further ... especially Macsen and the
Cyllin/Coel in the lolo MS.

- Ken

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