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Date: 7 Feb 1999 16:02:20 GMT

>Arnold or Ernulphe (no dates) whose unnamed wife is said to have been "ex
>regia Caroli magni sanguine orta" ("born of the blood of the great Charles,"
>i.e., CM). Only one child of Arnold-Ernulphe is known, a daughter Melisende
>who m. 1084 William, castellan of St-Omer fl. 1117. Arnold-Ernulphe is,
>however, assumed to be the ancestor [grandfather?] of the next known
>Guermond (II), fl. 1112-31, died ca. 1131, m. Beatrix (family unknown) who

The above unamed son of Arnoul and father to Guermond (alive 1112), vidames
d'Amiens, is called Eustache, vidame d'Amiens (alive 1066, 1085) by E.G.Rey in
Les Familles d'Outre-Mer, Paris 1864, p.583. A dau.of this Eustache is said to
have married a Joel de Totenes of England.

This Arnoul is also said to be the father of Guermond, patriarch of Jerusalem
by E.G. Rey.
Mike Talbot

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