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Subject: Picquigny-Braose (Brewes) Connection
Date: 8 Feb 1999 07:52:00 GMT

Guermond de Picquigny, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, mentioned in your posting
had a sister who married Juhel (or Joel) de Totnes, of Devonshire in England.
Through his daughter and heiress, Juhel is ancestor of the well known baronial
Braose (or Brewes) family of England.

This intermarriage betwen the Picquigny and Totnes families is virtually
unknown in the literature. As such, I imagine this posting will be the first
time many people with Braose ancestry learn of their descent from the early
Picquigny family of France or of their link to Guermond, the Patriarch of

Dr. David Faris and I hope to publish this discovery in our planned book,
Baronial Ancestry, which is presently about half finished. Hope this helps.
Sincerely, Douglas Richardson

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