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From: "Olivier Cocheril" <>
Subject: Re: comtes carolingiens de Rennes
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 09:58:39 +0100

Ray Saintonge semble ignorer que si l'Histoire de la Bretagne de Dom Morice,
un moine mauriste du XVIIIe est toujours consulte, c'est qu'elle est
accompagne de "Preuves" c'est dire de la transcription de trs documents
dont l'original est souvent aujord'hui disparu. Il s'agit donc d'une source
essentielle pour l'histoire de la Bretagne.
Le Xe se caractrise par un petit nombre de sources crites.
Il est cependant possible de consulter galement en bibliothque la thse
d'Hubert Guillotel soutenue en 1973 Paris II : "Les actes des ducs de
Bretagne : 944-1148"

Ray Saintonge a crit dans le message <>...

As for the source questions, I personally would not rely on a 1745 history.
Even attributing the best of intentions to the author is not enough.
History was just not studied with the rigour that a good modern historian
might expect. As for the NET it is important to know your source. The Net
is pretty wild, and I would not trust most of the material that I find
there. Original sources are perhaps more important, but even here
information should be corroborated; The old stories were often written down
for the first time many years after the original oral story began to be
passed on. That, and the fact that during the course of its oral tradition
it had to be told in such a way as to entertain a largely illiterate

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