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From: Helen Parsonage< >
Subject: Simple Latin assistance please : - )
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 1999 17:08:17 -0500

This from the will of a precentor, dated 1415:
"Item lego capelle Sancti Andree de Mottrum unum librum missale unum
calicem et unum vestimentum et c s. in subsidium capellani ibidem
celebrantis secundum disposicionem consanguineorum meorum ibidem

I think I've got most of it:
Item, I bequeathe to the chapel of Saint Andrew in Mottram a missal, a
chalice, and a set of vestments and one hundred shillings ( to
subsidize/support?) the chaplain there, according to the discretion of my
kinfolk residing there.

Is that (largely) correct?

In my defense - it's been 22 years since my last Latin class : - )


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