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Subject: Re: comtes carolingiens de Rennes
Date: 10 Feb 1999 13:44:38 GMT

>Les chartes du cartulaire de l'abbaye de Redon (IXe s) indiquent clairement
>qu'Erispoe était le fils de Nominoe, par l'étude des listes de témoins.

Thank you. I've looked into some things now. It seems certain that Nominoe
(d. 7 Mar. 851) the first king was father of Erispoe (d .857) [who was murdered
by Salaun/Solomon] and that a daughter married Gurvand/Gaerwant (d. 877) Count
of Rennes. After this point, many sources are in conflict.

I thought it interesting that a new facsimile edition of the Cartulaire de
Redon is now available over the web.

I've ordered _La Bretagne des saints et des rois Ve-Xe siecle_ (1984) by Andre
Chedeville and Hubert Guillotel. As soon as I receive it, I'll coordinate what
it states with other books such as those by Noel-Yves Tonnerre. Then I'll let
the group know what the relationships between the Counts of Vannes, Nantes,
Rennes and the Kings of Brittany appear to be. Hubert Guillotel seems to be
the greatest living expert on the matter. Unfortunately the library here is
extremely weak on French sources. It's very frustrating.

As far as I can determine now, no one claims to extend the ancestry of Nominoe
(d. 851) beyond a possible father also named Erispoe.


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