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Subject: Re: Tasciovanus, Coel, & Tacitus
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:10:52 EST

Let me say that I have let a few days pass because I am in awe that I have
someone to talk to about these things. I wrote an article a few years back on
"The Search for Geoffrey of Monmouth's Sources." Although parts of that
article was a roundtable discussion with a group of Anglo-Saxon scholars and
British archaeologists, most contributors could not get beyond the bias of
hate and disrespect that Geoffrey has come to engender.

One of my very favorite things and one of the most interesting parts of the
early genealogies is attempting to trace where legends came from and
speculating as to how they grew. It is detective work of the first order and
more interesting to me, personally, than either the fictional work of Sherlock
Holmes or the Columbo.

In a message dated 2/7/1999 9:49:27 PM, writes:

<< Elen II was daughter of the British king Eudaf Hen, who, if real, almost
certainly ruled in Siluria. ... HRB [Geoffrey of Monmouth] says that Eudaf
died without male heir, and that his son-in-law Macsen quarreled with his
nephew Cynan Meiriadog over the succession, against the unanimous statement of
Welsh and Breton genealogies that Cynan was son of Eudaf ... Coel ap Cyllin is
mentioned by Iolo in nearly the same context as Coel ap Meurig in HRB.>>

Meurig, then, is the same as Marius. If Geoffrey had to change some
information to make a British connection to the Roman emperors, this would be
a good place to do it.

It seems that all the information has more in common than not in common:


1.Tynefan [Tasciovanus] Tenuantius Teuhant

2. Cynfelin Kybelinus (Cymbeline
Cinbelin (Cunobelinus)

3. Gweirydd Guiderius Bran
[Guidgen] ghosted from 5

4 . Arviragus /Genuissa Caradog =
Caratauc (Caractacus)

5. Meurig Marius Cyllin
Guidgen (misplaced?)

6. Coel Coillus (Coel) Coel
Lou hen [Coel hen?]

7. Deheuwaint=Emerita Lucius Lucius Cinis
scaplaut [Cyllin?]

8. Tegfan Elen (Helen of the cross)

What, if anything, does this tell is? Could, for example, Arviragus have been
a brother of Caractacus? Could Cyllin have been a brother of Marius (Meurig)?
Is Bran an imaginary character or a brother if Guiderius (Gweirydd/Guidgen)?

- Ken

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