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From: Dcrdcr4< >
Subject: Emme, wife of David ap Owain, sister of King Henry II of England
Date: 13 Feb 1999 08:18:10 GMT

Regarding King Henry II's sister, Emme, I have found references to this sister
in the Pipe Rolls around the time that Emme married David ap Owain, prince of
North Wales. That suggests to me that the sister was probabably living at
Court with her brother the King. If so, I would assume the sister was
legitimate. There are charters in existence which refer to her as the King's
sister. And, yes, Emme and her husband, David, the Welsh prince, have
descendants, although this doesn't seem to be commonly known. As I recall,
Emme held the manor of Ellesmere, Shropshire as her maritagium as gift of her
brother, King Henry II. I presume she was legitimate.

Incidentally, the name in this time period was Emme, not Emma. Emma is the
Latin form. It remained Emme down through around 1625 at least.. Since we
don't refer to the men by their Latin forms, I don't believe we should treat
the women any differently.

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