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From: "John Yohalem" <>
Subject: Re: Kings of France -- patterns, and why they wed __ queries
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 14:20:50 -0500

John Yohalem

"What this country needs is a good five-cent reverie" -- Paul Mellon

Richard Ledyard <> wrote
>I think I'd better get some Genko whatever for recall.
>Would some one kindly list the Kings of France in chronological order, from
>about Louis VI to Charles VI. Somehow, I think I've gotten them out of
>order, but my files were put together by father-son relationships, and a
>couple of times a cousin jumped in. Somehow, I seem to have messed things

It's EASY. From Philip I on, there's a pattern:

Louis Louis
Louis Louis
Philip Louis (John) Philip
Charles (the one you left out -- last of the elder Capetians, first time the
name was used by the Capetians)

Charles Charles Charles (careful here -- not TOO many)
Charles Henry Henry
and then Louis's to the Republic -- how many is a matter of opinion (does
one count the 17th? the 18th?
I say if he doesn't have a furniture style, he can't be a real king.
But others will differ.)

Jean Coeur de Lapin

P.S. Where did the name Philip come from? It had never been used in the West
by ANYONE since the fall of the Western Empire, when Philip I of France
turns up. Yes, it's Greek. Yes, he had a Byzantine maternal grandmother or
great-grandmother. (Though NOT an imperial princess.) Who was his father
trying to impress? And why did Henry I marry Anne of Kiev anyway?

And if you're interested in such matters, why did Vladislas II of Hungary
and Bohemia marry Anne of Foix-Candale? What was the percentage? What did he
get out of such a union? The previous Vladislas married Madeleine of France,
d. of Charles VI, who then remarried Gaston of Foix-Navarre. I can
understand that connection. But not this one. Or was she just available when
no king's daughter was available? Sort of like Marie de Guise marrying James
V on the rebound from that other Madeleine of France?

Obviously I'm a yenta for the dead: why DID they get married?

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