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From: Bill Martin <>
Subject: Re: Your OLYVER MARTIN responses thus far
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:26:23 -0500 (EST)

GEN-MEDIEVAL list regulars,

Well, I've had a bit of luck in tracking down an independent Galwegian
MARTIN pedigree which is believed to include one OLYVER MARTIN (Norman
Crusader with William II) whose descendents came to own some 200,000
acres of Connemara, Ireland. Seek and ye shall find, eh? A report to the
list will be forthcoming.

Thanks to Michelle Murphy, Benjamin Hertzel, and Adrian Channing, for your
responses thus far...

To Michelle - Serendipity on my part... I'd be most interested in
following up with you on my possible MARTIN cousins in the Castlebar area
- I tried to e-mail you directly, but the transmission was regurgitated
back to me, so here's some pertinent information regarding my line that
your MARTIN friends may connect to: James MARTIN b. circa 1827 in County
Mayo, m. Mary DIGNAN circa 1846, whose children included the following:
Bridget b. 1846, Mary b. Catherine b. 1850, Mary b. 1853, John b. 1854,
ann b. 1856, Patrick b. 1858 (my ggrandfather), James b. 1860, Peter b.
1863, Thomas b. 1865. In Griffiths Valuation there were many MARTINs in
Mayo at the time - with several in the vicinity of Castlebar, especially
in the townland of Curranny, Drum Parish... with others in Annagh Parish,
Shrule, and elsewhere. You couldn't swing a dead cat around without
hitting a MARTIN in those days, but their numbers, atleast in Mayo,
appear to have diminished, so I'm keenly interested in reconnecting with
those still around, of my blood. My grandfather, Frank MARTIN (Francis
Reynolds MARTIN) would go back to Ireland often (from Edinburgh,
Scotland) for visits, so I'm told. Please follow up with me personally,
with a returnable e-mail address :>

To Benjamin Hertzel - I'll keep an eye out for your MARTIN ancestors in my
research, and let you know what I find, in any regard.

> Do you know anything more about this line? I descend from a Richard
> Martin, who married Margaret Wallis, daughter of William Wallis. Richard
> and Margaret's daughter, Margaret, married John Tichborne, died 1498. I
> haven't been able to trace the Martin line back any further.

To Adrian Channing - Yep, my cousin Michael & wife Lisa picked up a copy
of the book you'd mentioned while honeymooning in Ireland. Visiting
Ballinahinch aka the "Martin Castle" was a special treat. They saw our
old real estate in Connemara, too, among other honeymoon delights. They
logged some 2,000 miles, so they claim, on Michelle's island. I know
finding a reliable pedigree back to the time of the tribes is inherently
problematic, at best, but I'll do what I can, and keep you appraised of
my progress. If you can connect those other MARTIN marriages in some
useable fashion, I'll name my first three kids after you. Who was the
baron of Ballinahinch barony, by the way? Perhaps he was whom the MARTIN
family bought/acquired all that land from. Grist for the mill.

> I would be surprised if you could construct a pedigree back to Martin of
> the twelve tribes of Galway. I have done this for another, the Browne
> family, but much of this is based on O'Hart's "Irish Pedigrees" and I don't
> have any faith in the early generations. The Browne's have the advantage
> that they were created Barons. As far as I can see, O'Hart does not give a
> Martin pedigree, but there are some refs. to Martin into other families
> which I have not checked.

Perhaps Suzanne Doig (and others) would kindly find - or recommend sources
where to find - information on the OLYVER MARTIN, Crusader with William
II, whom I and others have interest in? I'm on a fishing expedition, yes.
Please let me know. Thanks in advance to all generous souls.


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