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From: Leo van de Pas <>
Subject: That Forbes link, was it an error?
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1999 10:30:38 +0800

>Someone passed the following lineage on to me. However,
>there is one link I would like to query.
>Robert III K of Scots (d. 1406) m. Annabella Drummond
>Mary Stewart m. George Douglas 1 E Angus
>Elizabeth Douglas m. Alexander Forbes 1 B Forbes
>James Forbes 2 B Forbes m. Egidia Keith
>William Forbes 3 B Forbes m. Christian Gordon

>==In that unreliable source, Burke's Peerage, 1938 edn.
>page 1028, William Forbes, 3rd Lord Forbes is mentioned as
>being father of : Alexander, Arthur, John and one daughter,
>Christian. Surely if there was a Duncan (of Corsindae) who added a Swedish
>branch to the Forbes family, he would have been mentioned.
>Does anyone have another source who can substantiate that
>Duncan belongs to this Forbes family?

It seems that, according to Burke's 1938 page 1031, Duncan Forbes was a
brother of William, 3rd Lord Forbes and not his son. This means, of course,
that this line is correct, except that it is one generation shorter.
I still hope someone else can secure this link further.
Many thanks
Leo van de Pas

>Duncan Forbes of Corsindae m. Christina Mercer
>James Forbes of Corsindae m. Helen Lundy
>Matthew Forbes m. Margaret Penters
>Ernald Forbes m. Carin Mattsdotter
>Arvid adlad Forbus m. Margareta Boije af Genas
>Sofia Juliana Forbus m. Axel Julius greve De La Gardie
>Adam Carl greve De La Gardie m. Anna Juliana Horn af Kanckas
>Ebba Margarethe De La Gardie m. Frederik Magnus greve Stenbock
>Hedvig Sofia Stenbock m. Frederik Ulrik greve von Rosen
>Gustaf Frederik greve von Rosen m. Maria Juliana Wahrendorff
>Gustaf Robbert greve von Rosen m. Beata Lagerstrale
>Carl Gustaf greve von Rosen m. Ella Carleton Moore

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