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From: Francisco Antonio Doria <>
Subject: Carneiro Leão
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 99 20:01:22 -0000

This is an old Portuguese and Brazilian family which suddenly became very wealthy because of connections to the Portuguese Crown. José Fernando Carneiro Leão, count of Vila Nova de S. José, was a lover of Queen Carlota Joaquina of Portugal; one of his daughters was countess of Linhares in Portugal. Two other lines were granted peerages for life in Brazil (the marquess of Paraná and the baroness of S. Salvador dos Campos de Goytacazes).

Their origin lies in the Carneiro _albergo_ in Oporto (it is my own opinion that the Carneiro clan had an albergo-like structure, as they all derive from Oporto, they are all merchants and it is impossible to find a common ancestor). The first generations below were dictated to me by Brazilian genealogist Reynaldo Carneiro Leão, who got them from primary sources. (Ambassador Valdemar Carneiro Leão is involved in the - pfui! :-( - Brazilian current dealings with the IMF.)

1, Pedro Carneiro lived at Oporto in the late 16th century. M. Maria Antonia de Leão (conjectured to be of Marrano blood). Son:

2. Francisco Carneiro Leão m. Luisa Barbosa. Both were born at Oporto (Santiago de Cavalheiro). Parents of:

---3. Rafaela Carneiro Leão, m. (kinsman?) Manuel Martins Carneiro. Parents of Braz Carneiro Leão (I), ancestor of José Fernando quoted above.

---3. Manuel Carneiro Leão, b. October 1665.

---3. Serafina Carneiro de Leão m. José Neto Ferreira. Two children: (4.1) Antonio Neto Carneiro Leão went to Paracatu do Príncipe (Minas Gerais, in Brazil). (4.2) Manuel Neto Carneiro Leão, a _mascate_ (traveling salesman), settled in Pernambuco (Brazil) where he became lord of engenho (sugarcane mill) S. Braz.

Antonio Neto is ancestor of the marquess of Paraná. Among the descendants of Manuel Neto are several top-ranking politicians in today's Brazil, such as Armando Monteiro and his son José Mucio Monteiro, both former cabinet ministers, and - I think - the current vice-president Marco Maciel (he is their cousin, and I think that he has Carneiro Leão blood).


well, I'm interested in anything that has to do with family structure and political power. Two Brazilian historians, J. Fragoso and M. Florentino, published a book in 1993, _O arcaísmo como projeto_ (more or less: Archaic Structures as a Political Project) where they assert that the fortune of Gertrudes Pedra Carneiro Leão (the estate exists in our National Archives) was due to some convoluted capitalistic mechanism. It was not: she was the wife of José Fernando, the Queen's lover, obviously favored in official dealings. Moreover she was murdered, one says, at the Queen's instigation. Nowhere those facts - Jose Fernando's affair, the murder of his wife, and the Queen's conjectured culpability - appear in their book.

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