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Subject: Re: Ist Crusade, Forez, Viennois
Date: 22 Feb 1999 16:25:36 GMT


Leos keen observations are significant. As far as I am aware the
earliest"heraldic" device with demonstrable continuity is the
coat of arms of the counts of Boulogne, three red balls on
silver/white. It is first documented in a banner of Boulogne
shown on the Bayeux "Tapestry" which is somewhat later than
the event it commemorates, William of Normandys conquest of
England in 1066.

However, the relationship of the bearer, Count Eustace II., in
"1066" to the Boulogne counts of the 1100s has not been
documented. So it is uncertain whether the device, as borne in
the later century, represents the continuity of blood line or of
feudal territorial possession. Source: Michel Pastoureau, Traite
d/Heraldique. Paris 1993, pp.309-310, ill. p.299.

Dateable arms begin to appear in France in the middle third of
the 1100s, at first among the high nobility.

Are you interested in the origin of the Forez Dolphin coat of

John Ruch


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