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From: John Carmi Parsons <>
Subject: Re: alais of france
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 1999 12:34:13 -0500 (EST)

William of Ponthieu was indeed some 20 years Alais' junior--he was certainly a
minor when his father died in 1190. and to judge from the date at which we
know he reached his majority, at 15 according to the customs of Picardy, 1179
is the earliest possible year for his birth, according to the plausible
deductions of L'Art de Verifier les Dates. It may have been William's youth
that allowed Philip II to foist the luckless Alais on him as a wife.

As to whatever issue Alais may have borne Henry II, I am aware only of the
accusation Richard delivered to Philip II when Richard refused to marry Alais
following Henry II's death. Richard alleged Alais had borne Henry a daughter
who had not survived. Most scholarly accounts I have read of Henry's or
Richard's reigns have mentioned only this one (alleged) child--e.g., W.L.
Warren's magisterial account of Henry II.

John Parsons

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, Ryan wrote:

> The past week I have read in this newsgroup that Alais of
> France (born 1159 died ca 1220), daughter of Louis VII and
> Constance of Castile married in 1195 William count of
> Ponthieu. (Alais was engaged to Richard I king of England but
> became a mistress of Henry II and bore him (source Alison
> Weir) four children. Williams birthyear is given as 1179 (he
> died in 1221). That would mean that Alais was 20 years his
> senior. Is this correct? Is it also correct that Alais bore
> Henry II four children? And if this is true why aren't the
> names and birthyears of these children recorded?
> Greetings,
> Ryan

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