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From: Henry Sutliff <>
Subject: Re: BOHUN
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 21:46:06 +0000

Jeff Snavely wrote:

> Below is an ahnentafel of the longer of two ancestries I have seen for him.
> The shorter version shows Humphrey de Bohun, I as son of Billeheude ____ and
> Richard I de Mary/Meri who is son of Haguez ___ and Ralph de Mary/Meri.
> Which version (if either) is correct? I am interested in seeing any
> corrections or additions anyone has for this ancestry.
> Ancestors of Humphrey de Bohun, III of Trowbridge

If my memory serves me (and it may not), about November or December there was a
thread concening the Salisbury descent. I think it was Todd Farmerie who
pointed out that the designation for the members of this familiy as d'Evereux
was faulty. I think he called this "spurious" or something like that. At any
rate you ought to be able to find this in dejanews whoever it was that corrected

Best regards,

Henry Sutlif

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