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Subject: Re: Companions of William the C
Date: 25 Feb 1999 04:25:17 GMT

Todd A. Farmerie wrote

;>All you end up doing is producing a list
>as invalid as those of Falaise and Battle Abbey. We need to just be
>satisfied that we don't know the names of his men.

Todd & I have briefly exchaned views on this before so I thought I would expand
a bit. I feel that Wace in Roman de Rou is a good source of names for those at
Hastings. Todd feels that Wace wrote 100 years later (true) and that he was
being political. Possibly (Todd - do I state your views correctly? ;-) ).
This is a popular 'narrow proof' view & valid for those who feel this way. I
feel that the narrow view is a bit severe for medgen studies but also recognize
that 'good' work is required. State the source and let each researcher evaluate
his own viewpoint

I feel that Wace is reliable. While he wrote c1150's he was born c 1100's. and
live to a fair old age. So by, say, 1120's or so he could have talked to actual
participates of Hastings.-- It would be like a college kid today talking to
WWII vets.--- This is not a bad source and adds many resonable names.

Some feel he was 'political'. Of course all 'history' is political (I have
watched things I saw already being modified by historian of today). However,
He was a monk , born at Gurnsey and part of the Norman scene. He also seems to
have a love of history etc. Under these circumstances, Wace adds much to the
times of Hastings. Prof. Crispin of Princton who wrote the Falaise Roll and the
Soc. de Antique de Normandy who put up the monument in Normandy felt much the
same way it seems.

As to Domesday - I feel it can be carefully used. Wm the - er ahem - conqueror
was pretty stern and only awarded land in England to those who helped him win
England. For example Earl Hugh 'Lupus' of Chester was not at the battle but he
was on the council that helped Matilda rule Normandy when Wm the C. was away.
So one can use Domesday to advantage.


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