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From: "Fred Tiedemann Croese" <>
Subject: CERFF the early genealogy of the family "de Cerff"
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 07:50:52 +0100

I have the following text about the ealiest known ancestor of the "de Cerff"
Philippe Seigneur d'Oudenhoven et de Maurdy, qui pouse Cathrine de la
Bryarde, laquelle tait son pouse en 1330 et sa veuve en 1359.
This text was written in a manuscript at about 1750.

More information:
The family de Cerff is related to Philips van (of) Marnix, heer van (Lord
of) Sint Aldegonde (b. betw. 7 march 1540 and 20 july 1540 in Brussels; d.
15 dec 1598 in Leiden). The grave of a "van Marnix, heer van Sint
Aldegonde" in Delft has amoung others the coat of arms of the family de

The first de Cerff about whom I have some data:
1. Jan or Johan de Cerff, b. in 1520, m. Petronella van Kemmelen in 1550.

Remark: Was Heere van (Lord of) Kemmelen and of "den Hengh", of the
Heerlijkheid (Estate) van de Fonteyne & van de Heerlijkheid van de Bruckerye

Children of Jan de Cerff and Petronella van Kemmelen are:

i. Maljert de Cerff1, m. Janneke van Pollie 1580.

Remark: surname of Janneke could also be "van den Poele"

ii. Andries de Cerff1.

iii. Hendrik de Cerff1.

What I do not know is how my first De Cerff descents from "Philippe Seigneur
d'Oudenhoven et de Maurdy". I also do not know how the de Cerff's are
related to the "Marnix van St. Aldegonde" family. (Philip of Marnix, Lord of
St. Aldegonde is supposed to have written the word for the Dutch national

Who can help me?

Fred Tiedemann Croese
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