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From: Mardi Carter <>
Subject: Re: Nichola de la Haye
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 13:54:46 +0000

His name was William FitzErnest according to Wallop Family. The
relationship of Nichole, the younger, as granddaughter of Nichole, to
elder, is suggested in CP 4:118 note c (because of the land transaction)
with an extensive list of original sources, but I don't know which
belong to who of the genealogy shown in the note. Burke Ex Peer (1937)
and Wallop Family under Deincourt state it as fact.


Dcrdcr4 wrote:
> You've asked a good question. There was only one Nichole de la Haye and she
> married Gerard de Camville. She had a "neptis" (niece or granddaughter) named
> Nichole who married Oliver Deincourt. At the marriage of the younger Nichole
> to Oliver Deincourt, the older Nichole gave her property. Most genealogists
> have assumed the younger Nichole was niece to the senior Nichole, but I believe
> she was a granddaughter.
> My research indicates that Nichole de la Haye had an earlier marriage before
> she married Gerard de Camville and that marriage bore at least two daughters.
> The Pipe Rolls show she bought the marriage of at least one of the girls. So,
> she was very much interested in her daughters by the first marriage. My guess
> is that Nichole Deincourt was a daughter of one of the girls born to Nichole de
> la Haye's first marriage. I think the chronology works o.k. However, I have
> NEVER seen anyone suggest this. Nor have I found any history of what became of
> Nichole de la Haye's daughters by her lst husband.
> As for the name of Nichole de la Haye's first husband, I don't have my records
> in front of me. But it was something like Ralph Fitz William or sometime like
> that. He was a tenant in chief as I recall, so his lands should be traceable
> to his daughters and theirheirs. He is probably listed in Early Yorkshire
> Charters, as he was a Yorkshire man, as I recall. If anyone has access to
> that source, perhaps they could check it to see what it says about this man's
> properties.
> I know this throws a curve to all you Deincourt descendants. But, I think the
> granddaughter scenario makes more sense to me, if the chronology can be
> supported. Best always. Douglas Richardson
> P.S. Nichola is the Latin form of the name, Nichole.

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