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>Could you also confirm that the husband of Catherine, daughter of Frances
>Brandon, was the son of Edward Seymour, Lord Protector in Edward VI's

Yes, eldest son of the second marriage. The dukedom of Somerset was removed
at his execution, but restored to his grandson, William, by Charles II,
shortly before William died in 1660. A detail of the first duke's second
marriage (who was she? a Stanhope or something?) put the children of that
marriage ahead of those of the previous marriage as heirs. When they became
extinct, in the 19th century, the heirs of the previous marriage were
finally able to claim the dukedom.

>I'd also be interested in the exact relationship between Henry Grey, Duke
>Suffolk and Thomas Grey, eldest son of Elizabeth Woodville). How was he
>to the Lady Elizabeth Grey who served in Mary Tudor's household before her
>marriage to Louis XII?

Don't know Lady E -- Grey was a common name, after all. But Henry, Duke of
Suffolk, was indeed a grandson of Elizabeth Woodville's eldest son, who was
created Marquess of Dorset by Edward IV, a title Henry also bore until his
father-in-law died.

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