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From: "Chris Bennett" <>
Subject: Re: Yaroslav I -- and the marriage of his daughter
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 07:17:26 -0800

Todd A. Farmerie wrote in message <>...
>John Yohalem wrote:
>> And why did they give their only son a Greek name (Philip), previously
>> unknown in Western Europe?
>This specific question was addressed in detail a few years ago in a
>journal article, (perhaps Nottingham Medieval Studies, but I am not
>sure). It was interpreted as being a reference to a well known (at the
>time) Eastern Emperor, if I recall correctly. I will dig around next
>time I am in the library and see if I can't turn it up.

The only Eastern emperor with a name anything like Philip is Philippicus
(711-713), who is definitely one of the more obscure ones, and probably was
so in the 11th century. I'm intrigued -- could i have something to do with
the Alexander Romance?


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