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Subject: Re: Serbian line(s)
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999 20:44:09 GMT

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>This is complete certain genealogy of house of Samuil. Many of later rebels
>and slavic princes claim descendanty from him, but this is usually only

>1. Nikola (Nicola), comes, founder of family. Married to Ripsima. No date
>known. His four sons is leaders of macedonian-bulgarian revolt of 976. In
>village German, near Prespa Lake, Samil is later building monument to his
>parents and brother David, so it's probably his birth-place.

>1.1. David, killed by Wlachs 976
>1.2. Mojsije (Moses), killed 976 in siege of Ser
>1.3. Aron (Aaron), killed 976 by his younger brother Samuil. His descendants
>is in section 2.
>1.4. Samuil (b. ? - died 06.10.1014, Prespa). leader of revolt after deaths
>of his two older brothers in six moths in 976 and killing of third Aaron
>because of alegedly treason. His married 960-965 Agata (Agatha), daughter of
>Jovan Hriseli (Joannes Chriselios), proteoun of Drach. His founded state who
>in her maximum reached Sava, Dunav, Adriatic sea, and completly posesed
>Macedonia, Duklja (today Montenegro), eastern Bulgaria, Raska (today central
>Serbia), Thesalia (only Solun (Thesaloniki) not), and greek coast of Egean
>sea until Pelopones. His misfortune is that his enemy was great Vasilios
>(Basilios) II, byzant emperor 976-1025. After decisive batlle of Belasica
>29.07.1014 (about 15.000 captured macedonian soldiers is blinded by order of
>Vasilios II - only one in hundred is left one eye to guide else to home) his
>retreat to Prespa, where is died four moths later from hearth atack..

If I recall correctly, there was an article in TAG some years back
which covered this family, and called into question some of the
previously accepted details. Maybe somebody who has easy access to
TAG can provide more details.

Stewart Baldwin

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