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From: Theo Mora< >
Subject: Re: Bloodline of the Holy Grail
Date: 1 Mar 1999 23:13:46 GMT

"Todd A. Farmerie" <> wrote

> Steve wrote:
> >
> > I'm curious what this group's opinion is of the book "Bloodline of the Holy Gr
> ail" by Sir Lawrence Gardner. His main thesis is that Jesus was actually marrie
> d to Mary Magdalene and they had 3 children (2 boys). He claims that "secret" V
> atican data show this line to have led to the Merovingian dynasty in France and
> the Stewarts in Scotland. Any comments?
> >
> Absolute rubbish, invented almost in it's entirety.

That the lionk Jesus <-> Merovingian is rubbish that is clear.
But what about the link Merovingian -> Kings of Jerusalem and
Kings of Jerusales <--> Stewarts?
Rubbish again?


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