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From: Bunny <>
Subject: BOOTH / de BOOTHE family
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 12:33:50 -0600

Some people have "bad hair/heir days" -- I have had a very bad
genealogy week trying to sort out the de Boothe/Booth and also the de
Brereton families. Do not have access to travel or libraries - so have
tried to piece together what data I have been able to secure from others
as well as Internet - not always reliable.

Let me list what I have on my line - PLEASE - corrections welcome! Also
suggestions and additional data!

Bunny Jeanne Harvey
My 10th great-grandparents:
ANNE BOOTH born 8 July 1579 in Ballifield, Handsworth, Yorkshire,
England; md 18 May 1597 in Handsworth, Yorkshire, England to:
THOMAS STACYE the son of John Stacye and Anne Parker of Yorkshire
England; Thomas was born 1574 in Ballifield, Handsworth, Yorkshire
England; died 1632 in same locale in Yorkshire England.

There were nine Stacye children from this marriage born between Jan 1598
through Aug 1627 all in Ballifield, Handsworth, Yorkshire, England.

My 11th great-grandparents:
JOHN BOOTH born 1553 in Handsworth, Woodhouse, Yorkshire England; died
16 July 1613 in Laughton-en-le-Morthen, Lancashire, England; md in
England to:
ANN REVEL, the daughter of Thomas Revel and wife unk of England; Ann was
"of" England and was buried 24 June 1597 in Laughton-en-le-Morthen,
Lancashire, England.

Children of John and Ann:
--all born in Handsworth, Yorkshire, England--
1)Gilbert Booth
2)Anne Booth born 1579 who md Thomas Stacye - my line above
3)Elizabeth Booth
4)Catherine Booth

My 12th great-grandparents:
OLIVER BOOTH born @1520 in Derby, England; he died in Whitfield, Derby,
England; married to:
ELIZABETH HATFIELD, her parents unk; Elizabeth was born @1525 in Derby

Children of Oliver and Elizabeth:
--all children born in Hansworth, Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England--
1)Nicholas Booth born before 1553
2)Charles Booth born before 1553
3)John Booth born 1553 who md Ann Revel - my line above
4)Thomas Booth born after 1553
5)Oliver Booth born after 1553

My 13th great-grandparents:
JOHN BOOTH born @1500 "of England"; he married before 1520 in England
ANN BRERETON "of England" - the daughter of Sir Richard Brereton, Knight
of Worsley and Malpas and Jane Stanley; (Jane Stanley being the daughter
of Sir William Stanley Knight of Holt, Flintshire; and of Ridley
Cheshire; and brother of the Earl of Derby).

Children of John and Ann: (possibly others)
1)John Booth born before 1520 in Derby England
2)Oliver Booth born @1520 in Derby England; died Whitefield, Derby,
England; who md Elizabeth Hatfield in England - my line above

My 14th great-grandparents:
SIR JOHN BOOTH a Knight, born @1449 in Barton England; who married in
England as his 2nd wife to:
DOROTHY BUTLER/BOTELER the daughter of Thomas Boteler of Bewsey and wife
unknown; Dorothy was born "of England".

Sir John's first wife was Cicely Warren.

Children of John and Dorothy: (possibly others)
1)Dorothy Booth born before 1500 "of England"
2)John Booth born @1500 "of England" who md Ann Brereton - my line above
3)?? a daughter Alice Booth?? who md Sir Alexander Radcliffe of Ordsall
not sure Alice is their daughter but ONE source said she was....

My 15th great-grandparents:
SIR WILLIAM BOOTH Knight of Dunham-Massie and Sheriff of Chester; born
1420 in Chester (Cheshire) England; died 6 April 1477 "of England" and
md 1442 in England to:
MAUD/MATILDA DUTTON, the daughter of Sir John Dutton, Esquire, of Dutton
Cheshire England and his wife Margaret Savage; Maud/Matilda Dutton was
born 1427 in Dutton, Cheshire England and died @1489.

King Henry 6th of England provided Sir William annuity for services to
the crown. And Maud/Matilda Dutton Booth was married to her 2nd husband
Sir William Brereton, Knight after the death of her 1st husband.

Children of Sir William and Maud: (may not be in order)
--all children born in Barton Eccles, Lancashire, England--
1)Douse/Douce Booth born @1440 who md Thomas Leigh in 1461
2)Anne Booth born @1443 who md John Leigh
3)Sir George Booth born 1445; died March 1483 in England; md wife (1)
Catherine Ferrers and wife (2) Katherine Mountfort
4)Ellen Booth born @1446 who md a John Leigh
5)Richard Booth born 1447
6)Lawrence Booth born 1449
7)**John Booth born @1449 who died before 1527 and md (1)Cicely Warren;
he md (2) Dorothy Butler/Boteler - 2nd wife my line see above
8)Margery Booth born @1451 who md John Hyde
9)William Booth born @1455
10)Isabell Booth born @1458
11)Catherine Booth born @1460
12)Elizabeth Booth born @1464 who md Thomas Fitton
13)Joane/Joanse Booth born @1466 who md William Holt
14)Alice Booth born @1467 who md John Ashley

Child #3 Sir George Booth had a son Sir William Booth Knight who died 9
Nov 1519; he had married as his 2nd wife Ellen Montgomery and their
daughter Jane Booth married Hugh Dutton. NOT my line.

My 16th great-grandparents:
SIR ROBERT BOOTH Knight, born 1384 in Barton Eccles, Lancashire,
England; died 14 Sept 1460 in Lancashire England; md 3 May 1409 in
(possibly Cheshire) England to:
DOUCE/DULCIA VENABLES, the daughter of Sir William Venables of Cheshire
and Joane Massey; Dulcia was born 1400 in Cheshire England; and died 23
Sept 1463 in Winslow, Cheshire, England. Dates are firm, Dulcia was
nine (9) years old at the time of her arranged marriage to Sir Robert.

There is also a death date from one source as 23 Sept 1453 -
questionable however.

Children of Sir Robert and Dulcia: (maybe not in order!)
--all children born in Barton Eccles, Lancashire, England--
1)Sir William Booth born 1420; who md Matilda Dutton - my line above
2)Roufe Booth
3)Geoffrey Booth
4)Raymond/Hammond Booth
5)John Booth
6)Robert Booth
7)Edward Booth
8)Peter Booth
9)Philip Booth
10)Lucy Booth
11)Ellen Booth
12)Alice Booth
13)Joan Booth
14)Margery Booth

My 17th great-grandparents:
JOHN BOOTH, ESQUIRE of Barton born @1354; died @1422; married:
(1) LADY JOAN TRAFFORD, the daughter of Sir Henry Trafford of Lancashire
and Margaret Ince; Lady Joan was born @1354/1358.

John Booth married as his 2nd wife Lady Maud Savage, the daughter of Sir
John Savage, Knight and wife unk. NOT my line.

Called "John of Barton" after 1404 when Thomas Barton granted John his
Barton arms and thus they became the Booth arms.

Children of John and Lady Joan:
--all children born in Barton Eccles, Lancashire, England--
1)Sir Robert Booth born 1384; died 1460; md 1409 arranged marriage
to Douce Venables who was 9 yrs old at the time - my line above
2)Alice Booth
3)Sir Thomas Booth
4)William Booth born 1390 and died 1464
5)Richard Booth
6)Roger Booth who died 1467
7)John Booth
8)Ralph Booth
9)Margery Booth
10)Joan Booth
11)Catherine Booth
12)Alice Booth

Child #2 - unsure if she is the Alice Booth who md Alexander Radcliffe.
If so, they had a son John Radcliffe who md Elizabeth Brereton, the
daughter of Sir William Brereton and Philippa Hulse.

My 18th great-grandparents:
SIR THOMAS BOOTH of Barton who married:
LADY ELENA/ELLEN de WORKESLEY, the daughter of Thomas de Workesley and
wife unk; Workesley is now known as Worsley, Lancashire, England.

Knighted by King Edward III of England whose court was the most
brilliant in Europe at that time.

Child of Thomas and Lady Elena: (possibly others)
1)John Booth of Barton born @1354 who md Lady Joan Trafford 1st -
my line above

My 19th great-grandparents:
JOHN de BOOTH born @1320s in Lancashire England; he married:
LADY AGNES/LORETTA de BARTON, the daughter of Sir Gilbert de Barton (who
died 1277 near Eccles Lancashire England) and wife Agnes (maiden name
unknown); Lady Agnes de Barton was born @1333 at Eccles Lancashire

There is an assumed date for John of @1329. With this marriage of John
to Lady Agnes/Loretta is how the Booth family came into possession of
the Barton estates!

Child of John and Lady Agnes: (possibly others)
1)Sir Thomas Booth of Barton who md Lady Ellen Workesley
-my line above -
2)Mary born 1357 at Barton Lancashire England

My 20th great-grandparents:
THOMAS de BOOTHE born @1296 (probably in Lancashire England); who

They lived during King Edward II's reign which was 1307-1327.

Child of Thomas: (possibly others)
1)John de Booth born in Lancashire England who md Lady Agnes de
Barton - my line above
(surname spelled without the 'e' on the end)

My 21st great-grandparents:
ADAM/ALDEN de BOOTHE born @1249 in Barton Lancashire England; he was
still living in 1275; his parents are unknown; he married:
SIBELLA BRERETON the daughter of Sir Ralph de Brereton, Knight and wife

Child of William and Sibella: (possibly others)
1)Thomas de Boothe born @1296 who md wife unk; my line above
2)William de Boothe born 1275 in Lancashire England

Professional genealogist Iris Grimmett
(quoting Burke's Dormant and Extinct Peerage)
Maud Dutton/Sir William Booth family web site
Adam/Alden de Boothe:
David Beckwith genealogy (errors?)
Manor of Brereton Hall

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