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From: "Leana Randall" <>
Subject: Re: Judith of Lens
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 18:50:09 -0800

Douglas, please quit adding fuel to Spencers flame. One of you need to stop
this agruing. It is getting boring. Which one of you is the more mature
and will stop this childish arguing and get on with the purpose of this

Leana Randall
Susanville, CA

>You seem like a decent fellow. I honestly don't take anything you say
>personally. I certainly don't take much of it seriously. All the same,
it is
>apparent from reading your posts that you have a learned behavior pattern
>saying outrageous things to get attention. This strategy doubtless worked
>for you as a child, but, as an adult, it is inappropriate behavior. To
>past this issue, you'll need to work with professional therapist. The
>purpose of this board is to discuss genealogical issues, not grab attention
>yourself. If you can stick to topic, great! If not, please refrain
>commenting. Best always, Douglas Richardson

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