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From: "Todd A. Farmerie" <>
Subject: Re: Maria de Padilla Ancestry
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 11:38:11 -0400

> I'd love to see this recent reconstruction outlined. Was it similar
> or identical with the alternative described above? (The one
> above does indeed drop the unlikely marriage shown by Turton from
> Maria's ancestry.) Is there a recent publication by
> Flainaz/Cifuentes in this area?

Sorry, I meant to quote the article. It doesn't specifically show
either. It just ends with Ramiro, but IIRC, follows Diego one
generation more. The source is:

Cadenas Allende, Francisco de, Conde de Gaviria. Los Flaginez: Una
Familia Leonesa de Hace Mil Anos. in Estudios Genealogicos, Heraldicos y
Nobilarios en Honor de Vicente Cadenas y Vicent. 1:177-211 (1978).

> (2) Forest E. Barber. "Arab Blood Royal", THE AUGUSTAN 18 (1975),
> p. 123, 124. Barber's article also contains a claim, completely
> discredited by contemporary scholars, that identifies Munio
> Gonzales (great grandfather of Jimena Munoz, consort of Alfonso VI
> and son of Gonzalo Garces of Castile) with one Nuno Gonzales, son
> of Gonzalo Gustaves (Count of Salas and Lara) and Mawiyah,
> daughter of Hakim ii, Caliph at Cordova.

To be more accurate (for the benefit of the viewing audience), he
follows Salazar in making the Lara family descend from a Count Nuno
Gonzalez (who Salazar showed as son of Gonzalo Fernandez). He then
deviates from Salazar, and aked Nuno Gonzalez identical with the Mudarra
Gonzalez, son of Gonzalo Gustios of the Infantas de Lara tale.


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