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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Names question
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 11:08:03 -1000

Vide infra.

Not To Worry.

There was never a ghost of a chance for that egregious misnomer to
have been applied to the chap we know today as --- John Steele Gordon.

I give you my troth on that.

Rest Easy.

D. Spencer Hines

Lux et Veritas
Fortem Posce Animum

D. Spencer Hines --- "Barney looked at his reflection in his spoon,
first convex and then concave, and thought a moment. 'Dr. Lecter had
perfect manners, not stiff, but easy and elegant. I was working on
some correspondence courses and he shared his mind with me. That
didn't mean he wouldn't _kill_ me any second if he got the chance ---
one quality in a person doesn't rule out any other quality. They can
exist side by side, good and terrible. Socrates said it a lot better.
In maximum lock-down you can't afford to forget that, ever. If you
keep it in mind, you're all right. Dr. Lecter may be sorry he showed
me Socrates.' To Barney, lacking the disadvantage of formal
schooling, Socrates was a fresh experience, with the quality of an
encounter." _Hannibal_, Thomas Harris, Delacorte Press, [1999], p.

John Steele Gordon <> wrote in message

> Chris Dickinson wrote:
> > I bet you're right. Her sister was named Faith, according
> > to their father's will. How interesting, I'd never seen Troth as a
name before.
> > Well, at least (I hope) no sister was named Submit, as I've
> > seen on one occasion.
> The children of Thomas Starr (b. abt 1567 in New Romney, Kent; d.
Mar 2
> 1640/1 in Dorchester, Mass) and his wife Susanna ----------:
> Jehosephat Starr
> Comfort Starr
> Nostrength Starr
> Moregifte Starr
> William Starr
> Mercy Starr
> Constant Starr
> Suretrust Starr
> Thomas Starr
> Standwell Starr
> Judith Starr
> Joyfoole Starr
> Truthshallprevayl Starr
> Constante Starr
> Anne Starr
> Mary Starr
> Beloved Starr
> My favorite is Constant Starr, but I'm mighty glad I wasn't named
> Truthshallprevayl Steele Gordon

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