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From: Stewart Baldwin< >
Subject: Re: Names question
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 01:34:21 GMT

On 10 Jul 1999 09:57:20 -0700, (Vickie Elam
White) wrote:

><< I've had another thought about this. Re the marriage vows, people say "I
>you my troth", meaning loyalty, fidelity. Think of Faith, Hope and Charity?
>Not to mention Chastity! >>
>I bet you're right. Her sister was named Faith, according to their
>father's will.
>How interesting, I'd never seen Troth as a name before.
>Vickie Elam White
Since you know from the will that there was a daughter Faith, I think
that a more likely scenario would be that the parish register said
"Faith", but that it was misread as "Toth" by the transcriber. After
all, capitals "T" and "F" look a lot alike in many handwritings. Of
course, the best thing to do, if possible, would be to check the
original instead of relying on somebody else's transcription.

Stewart Baldwin

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