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Subject: Re:Olelkowicz-Slucki
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 03:39:14 +0400

Here is my second attempt to compile genealogy of Olelkowicz family.
I am very grateful to William Addams Reitwiesner and Rafal Prinke for
their kind help.

Alexander-Olelko Wladimirowicz, Pr of Kiev 1440-1455, d. 1455; m. 22
August 1417 Pss Anastasia Vasilievna of Moscow, daughter of Vasily I
Dmitrievich, Great Prince of Moscow, and Pss Sofia of Lithuania.
They had:
1.Semen Olelkowicz, Pr of Kiev 1455-1470, Pr of Sluck, d. 1470;
m. Maria Gasztold, d. aft. 1495, daughter of Jan Gasztold, woiwode
of Wilno
1.1.Wasyl Olelkowicz, Pr of Pinsk, d. 1495 S.P.
1.2.Sofia Olelkowicz, d. 7 February 1483; m. 1471 Michail Borisovich,
Great Prince of Tver 1461-1485 (1453-ca.1505) S.P.
1.3.Helena Olelkowicz, d. April 1518; m. 1498 Feodor Ivanovich
Jaroslavicha, Pr of Pinsk, d. May 1521 S.P.

Rafal Prinke wrote:
>In Wolff she is named "Olena" rather than "Helena" and thus she should
>be "Alexandra".

Are Olena and Helena two distinct names in Polish? In Russian Olena/Alena
and Elena are variants of the same name.

William Addams Reitwiesner wrote:
>Schwennicke II:144 says they married in 1498, she died IV 1518 and he died
>V 1521.

I have some doubts about the last date. Modern Russian historian Anna
Horoshkevich in her book "Historical destiny of Ukrainian and Belorussian
lands in XIV - early XV centuries" mentions a charter, dated 25 III 1518,
given by Pss Elena, "widow of Prince Feodor Jaroslavicha".

2.Michal Olelkowicz, Pr of Kopyl, d. 14 August 1481 (executed);
m. Anna(Hanna), who could be a daughter of Stefan III, gospodar
of Moldavia.

Rafal Prinke wrote:
>His wife (and mother of Semen) was named Anna (Hanna) but Wolff does not
>know her Moldovian origin. However, Michal's sister of unknown name
>married Stefan hospodar of Moldova on 5 June 1464 and died bef. 1472
>(her daughter Helena married Ivan, son of Ivan Vasilievicz, gd of Moscow,
>on 6 JAN 1483), so that attribution is doubtful because of close

My source for this attribution was the book of Horoshkevich mentioned
above. She cleraly states that Michal was married on Stefan's daughter.
But of course she may be wrong.

2.1.Semen Olelkowicz, Pr of Sluck, d. 1500 (or 14 November 1505);
m. (1) (?) Pss Helena Ostrogska, m. (2) after 1496 Pss Anastasia
Mstislawska, d. after 1523, daughter of Pr Ivan of Mstislawl.

Rafal Prinke wrote:
>Again, as Alexandra (above) married Konstanty Ostrogski, it is doubtful
>Semen married Helena Ostrogska. Wolff has only one wife of Semen - and
>his death date 14 NOV 1505.

Well, my source for Ostrogski marriage is extremely unreliable and
can safely be ignored. As for dates, they are from Lithuanian file
of Paul Theroff. If Paul is right that Semen and Anastasia married
after 1496, then she can't be mother of Jerzy, b.1492.

2.1.1.Jerzy Olelkowicz, Pr of Sluck (1492 - 17 April 1542); m. 1530
Pss Helena Radziwill, d. 1546, daughter of Pr Mikolaj Radziwill and
Anna Sakowicz Olelkowicz, Pr of Sluck, d. 9 November 1578; m. 1558
Katarzyna Teczynska (c.1544-1592)

BTW, I have Katarzyna Teczynska m. 1581 Pr Krzysztof Radziwil(1547-1603),
father of Pr Janusz (below). Are they the same person? Olelkowicz, Pr of Sluck (1559-1586); m. 1585 Barbara
Kiszka, d. after 1606 Olelkowicz, Heiress of Sluck (1 May 1585 - 9 March
1612); m. 1 October 1600 Pr Janusz Radziwill, kasztelan of Wilno
(2 July 1579 - 3 December 1620)

Was this marriage childless? Or maybe they had children, who didn't
survive? As I understand, heir of Pr Janusz was Pr Boguslaus, born
from his second marriage with Pss Elisabeth Sophie von Brandenburg. Olelkowicz, d. 1591 Olelkowicz, d. 1593; m. 1586 Zofia Mielecka, d. 1619 daughter, d. 1591 as a child Olelkowicz, d. 1560; m. (illegally) Pss Halszka Ostrogska S.P.

Rafal Prinke wrote:
>This Semen (died 1560) is mostly remembered as the unfortunate illegitimate
>husband of Halszka Ostrogska. She was first married to Dimitr Sanguszko
>and then to Lukasz Gorka, wojewoda brzeski-kujawski. Her mother, Beata
>nee Koscielecka, did not approve of that marriage and married her
>daughter to Semen. But just a few days after the marriage Lukasz Gorka
>took her back by force and kept in a tower in his castle in Szamotuly
>(which can still be seen). No issue from this union of Semen.

May I please ask for date of this illegal marriage and maybe dates and
parents of Halszka? Olelkowicz, d. 1571; m. 1558 Jerzy Chodkiewicz, d. 1569
They have descedants to the present.
2.1.2.Alexandra Olelkowicz; m. Pr Konstantin Ivanovich Ostrogski, hetman
of Lithuania (ca.1460-1530). Konstantin Wasyl Ostrogski (1527-1608). He has descedants to
the present.
3.Eudokia(Ovdotia) Olelkowicz, d. 1467, m. ca. 1463 Stefan III, gospodar
of Moldavia 1457-1504 (1435 - 2 July 1504)
3.1.Petru, d. 21 December 1480
3.2.Elena "Voloshanka", d. 18 January 1505 Moscow (in prison); m. 12
January 1483 Moscow Ivan Ivanovich The Younger, Great Prince of Moscow
and Tver (15 February 1458 - 7 March 1490)
3.2.1.Dmitri "Vnuk", Great Prince of Moscow 1498-1502 (10 October 1483 -
14 February 1509)
4.a daughter m. Pr Jurij Feodorovich Pronski

Rafal Prinke wrote:
>He was a son of Fedor. They had a son Ivan.

According to Alexander Zimin, "The formation of boyar aristocracy in
Russia in XV-XVI centuries", Prince Jurij Feodorovich Pronski had a
son Gleb and grandsons Semen and Andrey, who emigrated from Russia to
Lithuania. This line appears as follows:

4.1.Pr Gleb Pronski
4.1.1.Pr Semen Pronski, woiwode of Kiev, d. 1555; m. Feodora Sglovicz (sp?) Alexander Pronski
4.1.2.Pr Andrey Pronski, starosta of Czerkassy; m. Anna Sapieha
5.Fiedora Olelkowicz m. Pr Siemion Juriewicz (Holszanski?)

Andrew S. Kalinkin
Moscow, Russia

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