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Subject: Re: Off Topic: Kennedys
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:28:10 -1000


DSH is hardly U.S.A.-centric --- but more cosmopolitan, as he lives in
a multi-racial society on a Pacific Island not massively larger than
Martha's Vineyard --- certainly much smaller than Australia.

Give us some current Australian event of greater importance. Surely
there must be hundreds. <g>

D. Spencer Hines

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have no natural virility, okay? It's really weird. She loves to have
her little cabals with them. And the other one --- the lawyer David
Kendall --- they're all alike, and they all bond with her. They're all
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Culture_; and _Vamps and Tramps_." _The Women's Quarterly_, Spring
1999, Number 19.

Barrie J. Wright <> wrote in message
> Memo to DSH and any USA-centrics,
> From: "Us All Elsewhere"
> Respectfully,
> JF .... who?
> Seriously, it recalls when NY Governor Nelson Rockefeller
> lost his son in Papua in an off-coast event.
> I'm not sure if they ever found his body, and there was
> talk of cannibals still in the area where he may have got ashore--
> crocodiles and sharks certainly.
> Barrie Wright, in Adelaide, South Australia

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