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>Hi All
>I was wondering if anyone had any info on a John Dyott
>His daughter was Joan who was born in 1541 and died in 1590
>She married a Richard Cresswell
>John came from a place called Litchfield near Birmingham
>Any Ancestry of Joan and John would be much appreciated
> Steve Evans

I have a little on the Cressells shown below but sadly nothing on the
Dyott side.

Descendants of Thomas Cresswell

Generation One

1. Thomas Cresswell; married Elizabeth Barnesley; born 1468; died
He lived at Barnhurst, nr Wolverhampton. He was a pioneer of
the wool and cloth

Children of Thomas Cresswell and Elizabeth Barnesley were:
2. i.Richard, married Margaret Unknown; born 1490.

Generation Two

2. Richard Cresswell; married Margaret Unknown; born 1490; died 6
Nov 1558.
He was a Merchant of the Staple. He lived at Barnhurst,

Children of Richard Cresswell and Margaret Unknown were:
3. i.Richard, married Joan Doytt; married Joyce

Generation Three

3. Richard Cresswell; married Joan Doytt, daughter of John Doytt,
29 Oct 1571; married Joyce Fowke.
He lived at Barnhurst, Wolverhampton. He was a merchant of
the Staple.

Children of Richard Cresswell and Joan Doytt were as follows:
4. i.Richard, married Margery Fowke.
ii. Susanna.
iii. Jane.
iv. Sarah.
v. Pricilla.

There were no children of Richard Cresswell and Joyce Fowke.

Generation Four

4. Richard Cresswell; married Margery Fowke.

Children of Richard Cresswell and Margery Fowke were as
i.Richard; born 6 Apr 1629; married Anne Lea,
daughter of Richard Purslow, 26 Jan 1656; died 19 Feb 1702 at age 72.
He lived at Barnhurst, Wolverhampton.
ii. Dorothy.
iii. Mary.
iv. Margery.
v. Margaret.
vi. Elizabeth.

Web of Fortune, Gwladys Campbell; 1965 Neville Spearman, Lond. and BLG
Note- Health warning for both sources

Simon Pug

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