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Subject: Re: The Duke of Biron
Date: 31 Jul 1999 04:36:28 GMT

>The reference I have for Charlotte is :
>Charlotte de Gontaut, born 1561, died June 1635, daughter of Armand de
>Gontaut, Duc de Biron, marechal de France, and Jeanne, dame d'Ornezan.
>There is a footnote which tells that Armand is the son of Jean Seigneur de
>Biron and Anne de Bonneval. She married Jacques Nompar de Caumont,
>1.Duc de La Force.
>I found this in Cahiers de Saint Louis and at the end of this chapter
>several (8) sources are given, amongst these Moreri et La Chesnaye-Desbois
>et Badier (incomplett et errones), Pere Anselme, and Jean de Jaurgain "La
>Maison de Caumont La Force".
>Alexander do you have two generations of those Gontauts available?
>You tell about brothers and sisters and these seem to be very hard to come
>Many thanks

Younger siblings of Charles, duc de Biron from la Noblesse:

1.Alexandre, gentlehomme du chambre du Roi, killed at Anvers, 1583, no m.or
children mentioned.
2 Jean 2 became baron de Biron, 7 Sep 1602
m1.15 Jul 1594 Jacqueline de Gontaut-Badefols de St.Genies
m2.3 Sep 1617 Marthe Francoise de Noailles
3.Armand sgr.St.Blancard,Chef-Boutonne
m.Hippolyte de Lauzieres
m.2 May 1575 Charles vct.Comborn,
brn.Chateauneuf & Peyre de Pierre- Buffiere
m.5 Feb 1577 Jacques Nompar de Caumont, duc de la Force.
6.Anne (fem)
m.contract 3 Oct 1591 Guy-Odet de Lanes, brn.Roche-Alais
7.Claude (fem)
m.13 Jul 1600 Charles de la Rochefoucauld, ct.Roucy d.1605 Paris.
8.Louise m.1605 Brandelis de Gironde, mq.Montclar-en-Quercy,

Note: not necessarily in birth order, C-Desbois lists all sons before

You mentioned two generations. Yes they're there, but from whom and which way?

Hope this helps,
Mike Talbot

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