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From: "Chris Bennett" <>
Subject: Re: LEO VI- Emperor of Byzantium
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 10:02:00 -0700

netgazer <> wrote in message
> > >Well, this one is off, because the Theophano who married Otto II was
> the
> > >daughter of Emperor Romanos II but one Theophano Sklerena, belonging to
> > >noble family distantly connected to Romanos's successor and
> brother-in-law,
> > >John I Tzimiskes. I believe her father's name was Bardas Skleros, but I
> > >could be wrong....
> > >
> >
> > Partially right. Theophano's parentage is unknown; the Skleros descent
> > is a hypothesis.
> Theophano Scleros.
> born 956,
> married OTTO II 14th April 972. (he was 17)
> Died 15 June 991
> She was not born in the "purple" being the daughter of Constantine
> however she was the niece of Tzimiscis
> It was one of the most successful mariages of the time.

No, Jon is right, her parentage is unknown. I haven't researched the
literature in detail, but the two hypotheses I have seen discussed are (a)
daughter of Romanos II (b) daughter of Constantine Scleros. Under both
hypotheses she would be a niece of John Tzimisces, which IIRC is the only
datum we have from the sources. Under hypothesis (a) she would be
porphyrogenita, but not to the imperial family resident in 972. My
impression is that (b) is more widely favoured today, but remains unproven.


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