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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Pirated Plantagenet Ancestry
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 06:14:10 -1000

Good Show, Kay.

Thanks for telling us about this.

Tally ho! Catch the little bastards

D. Spencer Hines

Lux et Veritas

D. Spencer Hines --- "Demagogues, popularizers and whores give people
what they want. Statesmen, educators and friends give them what they
need. [31 August 1999]

Kay Allen AG <> wrote in message

> I just finished talking with Dr. Ralph Crandall, Executive Director

No, don't tell me that was Jackie Gleason's name in "The
Honeymooners." A genealogical connection?

"Deeelightful!," as TR would have said.


> He was quite appreciate of the efforts of the list in alerting
> him to this problem. And it is a problem. Action is being taken as I
> write this. It was unspecified exactly what, but they are going
> Walika and Digital Classics...
> Kay Allen AG

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