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From: Josephine Lindsay Bass <>
Subject: Re: Pirated Plantagenet Ancestry
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 17:54:42 -0400

Mores the Pity!

i am a member of NEHGS and glad of it.

People are putting into it a lot of money and time - so quit your whining
about that.

Genealogy is the number 1 hobby in the USA.

let people have what they need to find their ancestry, do you really think
the author of that manuscript wanted it hid away and people deprived of his
good works.

Have you any notion of the piles of research by people who have devoted
years and years, time and money and when they die it just gets thrown in
the trash or in a box in the attic.
Well yea i guess you do know about that being a Certified Genealogist you
have probably sifted thru and gleaned from thesse sources free. Which is
ok by me. I complaint is the establishment loves to hang on to data so
they can make some money on it.
If the source is cited - credit given where credit is due - then i see no
fault with it.

Yes and while you are at it - put this in your pipe and smoke it - I am a
yearly contributed to Roots web. Probably more than you.


At 01:08 PM 08/31/1999 -0700, Kay Allen AG wrote:
>Both the LDS and NEHGS have plenty to offer. The LDS is putting much of
>use on-line. Have you contributed anything to defray their costs? Have
>you volunteered at a Family History Center so that it could be open more
>hours? Or have you just kvetched because it's on microfilm and you have
>to work at getting the information from it. Microfilm isn't going to go
>away. It is probably more permanent than a CD.
>The Internet is very nice and it makes things handy. Perhaps too handy!
>It seems to me that people should be grateful for what they can get and
>not kvetch because something isn't handed to them on a silver platter.
>The NEHGS offers search services and copying services. Did it ever occur
>that becoming a member of one of the tegional societies or of NGS and
>utilizing these services might be a good idea... But noooooooooh, it
>isn't on the internet, so......
>Genealogy isn't a free lunch. You have to put something in to it. Some
>people put in money. Some people put in time and energy. But everybody
>has to put in something. Speaking of which, have you all heard about
>the new system for contributing your well=researched and
>well-documented genealogy to an on-line LDS-sponsored database? You all,
>will, of course, line up and submit your master works.
>Utopia is not yet, and probably won't be here in our life times. So
>please don't winge because your silver platter needs some work.
>Kay Allen AG
>osephine Lindsay Bass wrote:
>> The LDS? how accessible is that, sitting looking thru a microfilm. Wonder
>> how much they are worth now? The get it all free from folks like you
and me.
>> all i want to see is easy access to all records at minimal cost so that
>> people can find their ancestry - and with it HISTORY of mankind.
>> you have to know from whence you came to know where you are going.
>> thank God for the internet! will the policemen, US Govt et al please stay
>> home.
>> I am not in this for the money - I don't make one thin dime from it - don't
>> get laudatory comments to puff up myself either. if the Chinese were
>> interested - it would all be ripped off by now anyhow.
>> Wonder what else LDS & NEGH is sitting on?
>> josie
>> At 09:49 AM 08/31/1999 -0700, Kay Allen AG wrote:
>> >For crying out loud, guys, for the umpteenth time, the manuscript was
>> >filmed by the Family History Library and as such can be ordered for use
>> >at your friendly local Family History Center, from whence Michael Call
>> >stole it.
>> >
>> >As KHF pointed out, it takes time and money to get these things to
>> >print. Now that the renovations in Boston won't be sapping their
>> >resources as much, I imagine that more things will find their way to
>> >press.
>> >
>> >It also takes volunteer editors. Anyone in the Boston area game?
>> >
>> >Also please keep in mind that their manuscript collection is humungous.
>> >Also that some of it is in too fragile condition for scanning and
>> >photocopying and must be edited by hand, and gloved hands at that!
>> >
>> >Kay Allen AG
>> >
>> >
>> >MTaHT wrote:
>> >>
>> >> >> >Delighted to hear it. Obviously they *did* inherit the copyright
>> >> >> >with the manuscript. Maybe this will prod NEHGS into publishing an
>> >> >> >authorized edition.
>> >> >>
>> >>
>> >> How long has NEHGS been sitting on this work?
>> >>
>> >> It seems a bit negligent and cruel for someone to deny genealogists the
>> >> availability of such data for longer than it takes to crank up a
>> >>
>> >> Could it be that pirates might deserve "Letters of Marque"?
>> >>
>> >> Best wishes,
>> >> Mike Talbot
>> >
>> >
>> >
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