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From: "Manoel Cesar Furtado" <>
Subject: Re: Afonso VI/Canal-Pagin
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:18:47 -0300

Dear Ken,
I don't think our medieval artist was so dumb to confound a mature man with
an old one!
He was an artist, man! And his heart was very close to the times we are now
dreaming of. He surely knew that a master of the military order of Santiago
was not an old man, as he shows in his picture. Canal Sanchez-Pagin should
be aware to this fact.

Manoel Cesar Furtado

You wrote:
> Please remember that these old paintings were done years later by people
> dreamed up the portrait of the persons in question. We also have
> of Charlemagne, but they may not at all be close to what he looked like.
> - Ken

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