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From: "Todd A. Farmerie" <>
Subject: Re: Harlakenden-Londenoys-Oxenbridge
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 12:16:13 -0400

R. Ben Madison wrote:
> Greetings,
> Todd A. Farmerie wrote in message <>...
> The counterargument is that these original British Museum pedigrees are
> inaccurate, I take it?

Yes, as is the citation of them.

> >This connection was addressed in a TAG artcle many moons ago.
> <snip>
> >Secondly, there is no evidence whatsoever that any daughter of any Lord
> Dacres married a Londonoys, or an Oxenbridge that can be shown to be
> ancestral to a Londonoys.
> Here is the relevant text of the article:
> "[A] pedigree of the Londenoys family, recently obtained from the British
> Museum (Harl. ms., 6065, fol. 76b) seems to set the matter at rest by
> establishing the missing link.

This manuscript is nothing more than a transcript (fidelity not
determined) of the 1619 (or something like that) visitation. The part
relating to the Dacres marriage appears to be taken from the manuscript
below. That is the problem.

> It is unsigned, and must be taken for what it is worth; but corroborative
> evidence is found in the pedigree of the Oxenbridge family, which appears in
> 12 Sussex Arch., Coll. 230, where the marriage is also noted of Richard
> Londenoys to 'Katherine daughter of Fines [Fiennes] Lord Dacre.'"

The problem is that this Oxenbridge connection dates to the 15th
century, about a hundred years before where it is placed in the
Visitation pedigree. Either way, it is difficult to place Katherine
within the Fiennes family of Lord Dacres. The 8th Lord certainly has no
such daughter independently documented.

> >If you descend through Roger's son Thomas (whose daughter Dorothy had
> children by Samuel Symonds and immigrant after his
> wife's death), then I am not aware of any valid published royal descent.
> That is my line (at least according to the Ancestral File):

I have done some digging around with this line, and have come up with
some interesting possibilities, but most are thwarted by descent from
the wrong wife.


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