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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 21:35:02 -0700

Sorry, I'm not Pat, but I highly recommend a company called"Alter
Years". http//
phone#626-585-2994 Pasadena CA
We must adhere to the strictest costume authenticity and this is the
company from which many of us (historical re-enactors) get our basic
designs. They represent many different pattern makers from many
different eras.

Also there are two books by Janet Winter and Carolyn Savoy that are easy
and well researched:

Elizabethan Costuming for the years 1550-1580
ISBN 0-9630220-0-8
Victorian Costuming Vol. 1: 1840 to 1865 sorry no ISBN#
Other Times Publications, Oakland CA

An amazing woman was Janet Arnold. In "Patterns of Fashions" ISBN
0-89676-027-8, she has actually gone to museums and analyzed the fabric
of the outfits and managed to reproduce the pattern. The only trouble
is that if you duplicated say, the doublet worn by Lord Astor, it would
fit him perfectly but it wouldn't fit you unless you tailored it for

I wish you were my daughter's history teacher.

Ann White

Jonathan Couchman wrote:
> Dear Pat Jorgensen:
> Thank you so much for your post to GEN-MEDIEVAL-D Digest V99 regarding
> clothes patterns. I am a male history teacher in a middle school and
> would like to collect for my closet an assortment of period dress, and
> thus I am thankful for the entries on medieval clothes. Do you know of
> patterns for men's clothes of other time periods of any culture that are
> currently available? Never having been to a fabric store, how do you
> suggest I research this?
> Appreciatively yours,
> Jonathan Couchman

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