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Subject: RE: Wife of Sir Thomas Aston of Haywood, d. 1412/3
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Subject: Wife of Sir Thomas Aston of Haywood, d. 1412/3

Conventional sources give the wife of Sir Thomas Aston as being
Elizabeth Leigh. However, Roskell's Commons gives her as Elizabeth
Cloddeshall, widow of Sir Wiliam Devereux of Bodenham. Did h have two
wives? And if so, which is the mother of his son Sir Roger?

Thanks much.

Kay Allen AG

>From the Historical Collection for Staffordshire 1917-18 P. 128 I have -
Thomas is mentioned with Hawise his wife in 1360 (SC XIII 4) but by 1388 he
with Elizabeth Cloddeshall his wife and John de Aston of Salt and John de
Aston of Longedon are pardoned at the application of Sir John Bagot for a
murder at Jeddefen Herefordshire [PR] [Calendar of Parent Rolls] and in 1397
and 1410 he is named as married to Elizabeth, widow of Sir William Devereux,
she being a sister and co-heiress of Reynold de Legh. Thomas was born c.
1345 and was Member of Parliament for Stafforsshire in 1380, 1384, 1388,
1393, 1399 and 1406. He was knighted between 1370 and 1380. He was Sheriff
of Staffordshire in 1409/10 and probably died soon after 1412.

Sir Thomas Aston therefore appears to have been married 3 times. His son
Sir Roger Aston, who became Constable of the Tower of London in 1420, was
born c. 1380. He would therefore be the son either of Hawise or Elizabeth
Hope this is of some use.

Peter Sutton

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