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Subject: Re: Henry I's Daughter Elizabeth
Date: 01 Dec 1999 13:18:33 GMT

I haven't followed all of the discussion on this, but let me throw this out in
the event it has not been surfaced.

The Complete Peerage, vol. 14, p. 582 adds to Appendix D, vol. 11, the

"...add "Another daughter, Elizabeth, said to be Henry's youngest illegitimate
child, is mentioned in Scots Peerage (vol. iv, p. 136), and there said to have
married Fergus, Lord of Galloway. See also C. Warren Hollister, Monarchy,
Magnates and Institutions, 1986, p. 251, n. 17. G.W.S. Barrow, Robert Bruce,
1988, p. 331, n. 26, corrects doubts as to the marriage in the Scots Peerage.
Ex inform. Eric Thompson."

I might add that the mother of Uhtred, Lord of Galloway 1160-74, is noted as
"illeg. dau. of Henry I K. England" in Archibald A. M. Duncan's "Scotland-The
Making of the Kingdom" p. 632.

Ronny Bodine

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