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From: "tiglath" <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 10:39:40 -0500

D. Spencer Hines <> wrote in message

> "Graybags" may simply be Suriol Alfaro with another voice, [he can
> remotely post from anywhere in the world, using assumed names] or one
> of his grimy, obscene confederates.

Well Sherlock, a proper deception would consists of a proper name not a
sobriquet. Nothing stops a deceiver from calling himself D. Spencer Hines.

> Any post from an anonymous individual is worthless.

Any post from someone without a valid email address is cowardly act.

> Now, let's get back to Genealogy, History and Prosopography.

Your oily self can't for a moment conjure up the image of a group of
genealogists in this group sitting around a table waiting for you to
rejoined them.

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