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From: Denis Beauregard <>
Subject: Re: Barons
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 08:30:24 -0500

On 16 Jan 2000 22:04:25 -0800, (odie) wrote in

>I thought that this mailing list was about people doing genealogy and
>helping those who also are in search. I didn't know that this was a list
>to belittle people. I don't understand why certain ones can't just enjoy
>the fact that there are other people interested in the history.
>This is not a game of Chest or anyones move, you make no sense at all.
>No wonder there isn't many people on this list, it seems you dominate it.

This list is about medieval genealogy, that is, before 1500.
Very few lines get before 1500 out of nobility.

In my case (my Beauregard line that changed to Beauregard alias Jarret
circa 1835 and to Jarret alone in 1642), I went back to 1471 from a
not noble line, but thanks to land rented from the local noble.

But very few lines are like this one, which mean usually enough
records survived to time and wars in Europe, and even existed
(church records before 1600 are very casual).

On the other side, I descend from Philippe II king of France. And
in other lines, I have other noble ancestry. So, I can't avoid
associating nobility to medieval ancestry.


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