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From: "Kevan L. Barton" <>
Subject: Moorish Roots via Teresa of Castile and Leon
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 10:44:07 -0500


I've a problem sorting which line and thought you all could help.

According to the AF, Teresa of Castile, b. c1070 and married Henry I of
Burgundy, was the daughter of Ximena Nunez de Guzman (wife of Alfonso VI).
Her grandparents are Nuno Rodriguez De Guzman and Ximena Ordonez.

According to Stuart's "Royalty for Commoners", 3rd edition, her mother was
Zaida, Princess of Seville, 1069-1091. Zaida was also the wife of Alfonso
VI. It also states that Zaida was known as Maria, Isabel, and Ximena.

Are these ladies indeed the same?
Why the changes in names?

Any help would be appreciated.


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