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From: "Paul C. Reed" <>
Subject: Re: Moorish Roots via Teresa of Castile and Leon
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 16:28:04 -0700

We have already had a very detailed discussion about Zaida, Ximena and
Stuart's Royalty For Commoners.

Check the archives.

Manoel Cesar Furtado wrote in message
> Todd A. Farmerie remarked:
>> Zaida was named Isabel at the time of her baptism. Jimena is a distinct
>mistress of the kind, while Maria has no historical >basis whatsoever (I
>have no idea where Stuart got this name, but
>> there was no Maria among Alfonso's known women).
>Dear Todd,
>The "Cronica Geral de Espanha de 1344"_critical edition of the portuguese
>text by Luis Filipe Lindley_ says that Alfonso VI married to Zaida after
>was baptized and has changed her name to Maria:
>"...E el rey lhe disse que lhe cviinha de se tornar crista e ella disse
>que o faria muy de grado... E elle fezea logo crista e casou com ella..".
>Manoel Cesar Furtado

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