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From: "Dr. George Tsambourakis" <>
Subject: Re: Philip of Swabia 's mother-in-law
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 12:32:58 +1100

You can answer your own question if you follow the
dates you mentioned.

Isaac II Angelos was born around 1050-1060.
He married for the first time about 1075 a lady not mentioned
by name by many historians. (The Angelos's were Extremely unpopular).
With that (first wife) he had a son named Manuel, and a second child that
unnamed. (it could be that it died with the mother at birth).
About 1979, he married for the second time a lady called Margaret,
that was baptised "Maria". He was mentioned as "of Montferrat".
With Margaret, Maria Isaac had 4 children; Irene (b. ca 1180); Manuel,
Alexius (b. 1182; d. 28 Jan 1204) and a second daughter.

Irene of course, married (25 May 1197) Philip of Swabia, King of Romans
and after his death (1201), Roger of Apulia.

You mix up Margaret of Hungary (House of Arpad) and Margaret,
Maria of Montferrat.

Margaret of Hungary was born about 1175. When Isaac married his
second wife, she was four years old. Irene was born when she was five.
What do you think? Is it possible for a girl of five not only to conceive
but also to give birth to four children in almost successive years before
he is ten????

Margaret, Maria, the wife of Isaac Angelos, married after his death (1204)
Boniface of Montferrat, the son of a Marquise of Montferrat.

I think that the "of Montferrat" part may have come from her second marriage
but I do not know, because I do not know her parents.


> some postings assert the mother -in-law of Philip of Swabia was the
> first unknown wife of Isaac II of Byzantium. some others assert she was
> the second wife Maria-Margaret of Montferrat or Hungary.
> I need to ask the same questions Francesca Sutton and Michael Anne Guido
> asked:
> 1) In J.J. Norwich a chart titled "The Dynasty of Angelus and the
> Despotate of Epirus," there's
> Emperor Isaac II of Byzantium (d. 1204) - the book's chart has him
> married to a mystery wife,
> labelled (1) with no name, and a "Margaret-Maria of Montferrat";
> however, I had him m. to Princess Margit of
> Hungary (1175-1223), dau of Bela III of Hungary.
> 2) On May 18, 1999 a posting on this list stated that Norwich in his
> charts in "A Short History of Byzantium" CUP;
> 1997 was incorrect when he showed that both Alexius IV and Irina
> Angelos were the children of Margit of
> Hungary (later Maria-Margaret de Montferrat). It was stated that they
> were the children of an unknown first wife.

Dr. George Tsambourakis
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