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Subject: Re: False fathers - Not the Real Dads
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 02:09:20 EST

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<< Decisions that my ancestors made
to move to North America and than the United States over 100 years ago have
more of an impact on my life than whether or not that ancestor was truly my
genetic ancestor. Whether or not he is a genetic ancestor is irrelevant to
me, he brought his children with him and he raised them, that is what
counts. So what if the "real" father stayed behind and never took a role in
raising the children. >>

Yes, I highly agree with that. This social influence is quite
important--often more so than actual genetics. Children can be influenced by
their uncles, aunts, or more distant relatives more that by their actual
parents. It is too bad that geneaoly does not recognize the influence factor
or relatives and non-relatives.

- Ken

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