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Subject: Re: Genealogy and the Real World
Date: 29 Jan 2000 05:58:51 GMT

>From: "D. Spencer Hines"
>Date: 1/17/2000 7:45 AM Pacific Standard Time
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>One could just look up a line in Faris and inherit a pile of papers
>from a Great-Grandaunt.
>It happens all the time.
>D. Spencer Hines
><> wrote in message
>| Now this one is pure fantasy...if anyone has managed to get to the middle
ages in their genealogy, I daresay that they have gone beyond "Genealogy 101."
>| Maggie in Michigan

Actually Maggie, Hines is right. Although I also picked up Weis, that is
exactly what happened to me.

Roger Tansey

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