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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: Fw: books evaluaton on line
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 19:03:51 +0800

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Subject: Re: Fw: books evaluaton on line

> On 29 Jan 2000 16:24:43 -0800, (Leo van de Pas)
> wrote:
> >We all know that Burke's Peerage is very good for the last 150 years or
> >it is the earlier material that is very much in question.
> >Should we condemn the good part altogether because of the (much smaller)
> >early part? The rating is an overview of the whole work.
> However, the overwhelming majority of people who use the work for
> their own ancestry are concentrating on the earlier material, where
> Burke's is at its worst. To reflect this, it seems that a better way
> to do it is to give the lower grade based on how most people are going
> to use it, and then to add a comment that the source is OK for the
> last 150 years or so. That way, the emphasis goes where it is needed.
> People who do medieval genealogy should not be using Burke's as a
> source for relationships.
> Stewart Baldwin
On 21 December last year, I received an e-mail from Stewart Baldwin in which
he explained his system A-B-C etc as against 10 to 1. I did adopt that, in
the same message he advised :

---And even the notoriously unreliable Burke is a good source for
information on events which occurred within a hundred years or so before the
date of publication ((first published in 1826) ) (which, of course, rules
out the medieval period).

In the same message he rated Burke's Peerage as D.

My description : "Good for the period circa 1800 till the present, but
unreliable for the medieval period."

And with that I even shortened the 'reliable period'. As others had given
Burke's a higher valuation, I settled on C. I feel that my shorter
description exactly tells what Stewart Baldwin thinks I should have said. I
have already asked
to have the valuation of Burke's Peerage to be reduced to D.

What more can I do? I would have preferred if a few more of the
'knowledgeable' people I approached had given their co-operation,
especially those who said yes to my request for practical support.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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