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Subject: Re: Fergus of Galloway--Perhaps the Final Word
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2000 15:43:52 -0700

What if the reason that fergus married the il daughter of Henry because
of his relationship to somerled. Would that not account for some
prominence to keep the kings of man and the isle at bay?
Hypothisis only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Mon, 7 Feb 2000 23:00:59 EST writes:
>In a message dated 02/07/2000 10:26:30 PM EST,
><< By the way, even though this theory and others (like the William II
> theory) look possible, it seems to me that the scenario which makes
> Fergus's wife an illegitimate daughter of Henry I still has a lot
> going for it. It makes Henry II and Fergus's sons first cousins,
> whereas none of the other scenarios would make them any closer than
> second cousins.
> Stewart Baldwin >>
>Fergus of Galloway is mentioned twice in _The Early Scottish Charters
>to A.D. 1153_ Sir Archibald Campbell Lawrie; James MacLehose and Sons;
>Glasgow, 1905:
>I will quote the charters if someone wants to see them. This is taken
>the Notes section.
>Page 314: Notes on Charter LXIII - a letter from Pope Honorius II to
>Aldan, the Bishop (elect) of Candida Casa.
>"Gilla Aldan was the first bishop when the see was reestablished by
>Fergus of
>Page 362: Notes on Charter CXXV - King David addressing his entire
>and the English about his gift to the church of St. Kentgern (Glasgow)
>Explanation of Karric
>"Karric is Carrick, the southern part of Ayrshire, which was either
>to Fergus of Galloway or was part of his paternal inheritance. Fergus
>Galweia was the descendant and representative of the old chiefs of
>He is never styled 'comes'; the Chronicle of Holyrood calls him
>He married an illegitimate
>daughter of King Henry I. of England. He founded the monastery of
>and restored the Bishopric of Candida Casa. In 1160 he became a canon
>Holyrood Abbey, where he died."
>There are also references to Fergus dealing with the murder of Uchtred
>Gilbert in
>_ Annals of the Reigns of Malcolm and William Kings of Scotland A.D.
>Sir Archibald Campbell Lawrie, James MacLehose and Sons; Glasgow,
>All of these are collected from various sources including Fordun and
>Benedictus Abbas, but none are definitive about origins of Fergus.
>MichaelAnne Guido

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