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From: Stewart Baldwin< >
Subject: Re: Fergus of Galloway--Perhaps the Final Word
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 06:06:29 GMT

On 8 Feb 2000 11:00:21 -0800, (Todd A. Farmerie)

>Finally, in a previous post, I just off the cuff asked about
>Duncan II, and about the north-england naming pattern seen
>in Fergus's sons. Stewart has already posted about
>something I discovered last night, that Duncan's with
>Ethelreda was of the Earls of Northumberland. The
>chronology of this connection is certainly problematic, as
>Duncan was murdered long before Fergus appears, but their
>son William was a slightly older contemporary, and an
>illegitimate daughter (she could not have been legitimate
>ased on the inheritance pattern) could have been of the
>right age to marry Fergus. This is all pie in the sky
>speculation, but it does give Ken his alternative.

I don't think the chronology for Duncan is all that "problematic". In
fact, it seems more of a problem of you try to add the extra
generation. Duncan's mother was the widow of Thorfinn of Orkney, and
Duncan must therefore have been born after the death of Thorfinn
(exact date uncertain, but unlikely to have been earlier than the late
1050's), so it is unlikely that Duncan was any older than his mid
thirties when he died in 1094. Fergus's son Uchtred was old enough to
witness a charter in 1136. That makes the chronology pretty tight
(but not impossible) if you try to make Uchtred a great-grandson of
Duncan. On the other hand, a daughter born late in Duncan's life (or
posthumously) would be just about the right age to make a feasible
mother for Uchtred.

Stewart Baldwin

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