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From: "Dr. George Tsambourakis" <>
Subject: Re: Life expectations
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 12:17:16 +1100

Many responses, and many miss interpretations,

> Average marriage age was 17 for man, 14 for woman.
> I know it is based on a very small sample and therefore it is
> questionable.

Marriage age refers to the first marriage, not the second, third or forth.
If a man aged 50, married a 20 year old lady and that was her first
than I counted it for her, but not for the man.

> I did a few quick calculations, and it appears that in the 12th
> century, life expectation for a man was 38-40 years and
> for a women 53-55 years.

I do mention the 12th century so I do give a time span.

One claimed that the life expectation difference between a man and a woman
today is some 3 or 4 years. That's of course not true. World wide the
is around 10 years.

Yes, I did take into account those that were assassinated. Being murdered
or killed
in battle was almost a occupational hazard.

Any way I did not claim that my figures are correct. and Yes, these
figures are relevant.
Many, when the date of death is lets say 1050, the give as date of birth
"About 1000".
That means they use a life expectancy figure of 50 years, etc. etc.

Dr. George Tsambourakis
Omega Thoroughbreds

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